A Better Way to Travel

Welcome to Hub & Spoke, a boutique tour company providing exclusive small group European travel experiences.  

The Hub & Spoke Way

Our trips follow 4 guidelines:

1. Hub & Spoke

A proven travel methodology with a twist. Ditch the whistle-stop tours and immerse yourself fully in a new country & culture.  

2. Small Groups

Groups of ~12 like-minded travelers allow you to explore destinations that are off-limits to larger tours.  

3. Authentic Connections

Meet, talk, and dine with genuine locals, often in their own homes and at their preferred pace.  

4. Tested Experiences

We vet & hand-select every guide and every stop ourselves, in-person, ensuring only the best. 

ITALY | Tuscany 2020  

We're Asher & Melissa

Asher Lewis and Melissa Lewis Noonan are a brother-sister team committed to providing you a better way to experience the world.

First and foremost lifelong learners, we've combined our love for travel & hosting alongside our own unique gifts to bring you Hub & Spoke.

We invite you to join us on one of our 2020 trips and experience exclusive itineraries you won't find anywhere else. Years in the making and months of planning have gone into designing your next unforgettable adventure. 


Melissa has an undergraduate degree from Centre College and a Juris Doctorate from St. Mary's University, San Antonio, TX. A member of the Texas Bar, Melissa is also a licensed Texas real estate broker. 

She planned her first family trip to Charleston, S.C. in third grade and hasn't looked back since! From high school church choir tours, participation in study abroad programs, leading college alumni groups on foreign excursions, to home-school educating her children abroad, Melissa has an infectious passion and enthusiasm to share the world with others.


Asher is a graduate of Texas A&M University (Gig 'em Aggies!) and a software consultant for companies across the U.S. 

He is a modern-day Renaissance guy who's as comfortable entertaining with a guitar as he is solving a difficult logistics challenge. A collector and connoisseur at heart, Asher has a passion that spans many interests including fine watches, bourbon, and wine. He's an easy conversationalist who loves discussing and sharing his newest discoveries. Need help selecting travel gear? He's happy to oblige! 

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